Windows 7 Release Facts

Windows Vista called on memory ~14,000 times during boot-up. A source inside Microsoft tells me Microsoft has been able to get that number down to 2000 calls to memory. I certainly see a major speed improvement as my 32 bit Windows 7 dual boot starts up much faster than it's 64bit Vista counterpart.

Moreover, it seems the only thing holding back the Windows 7 release is a Direct Connect feature, which allows users to connect to their business or home networks from any internet connection.

My source tells me Microsoft is preparing a Windows 7 release for July 2009 - which probably means September.

Moreover, I've managed to install the Windows 7 beta on a laptop I bought in 1999 with a 933 single core Intel processor and 1GB of (upgraded) ram. Sure, it doesn't have Aero effects, but it has no problem running Windows 7. I'm calling this a NetBook - and it's sweet.

If Windows 7 is released this summer, If it does run on legacy hardware without any issues and it really is as good as everyone says - this could be a huge win for Microsoft - and a big loss for Hardware Mfg's as users do not need to upgrade their XP hardware.

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The Great Recession??? = Laughable???

In other words: The great normal downturn in the business cycle … The GREAT significant decline in economic activity spread across the country, lasting more than a few months … don’t even think of calling this a depression ... everyone knows that a depression has to last at least 25% longer than this … everyone knows we need another 20% of the worlds wealth to be destroyed before we can really call this a depression ... with over 50% of the worlds wealth being destroyed (March 10th, 2009) we can OBVIOUSLY still lose another 50% ...

The Great Recession - Reuters

I wonder how many Great Recession’s we’ve had since the Great Depression.

This is a Great Recession!

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