JavaScript: Overloading Window onload

Quick post on a very common methodology I've been using to chain events to the window.onload event in pure JavaScript:

if (window.onload == null) {
window.onload = loadAutoSubmitScript;
} else {
var ol = window.onload;
window.onload = function() { ol(); loadProc(); }

function loadProc() { alert("The window is loaded"); }

This should work for pretty much every page you use.

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Google Street View Coming To Toronto

I had the privilege of witnessing the Google's street view car as it canvassed downtown Toronto yesterday.

Although I have a feeling the Google's street view car was stalking me, I will still grant Google the rights to use my image on their street view.

Here are the precise details of where I should appear in Toronto. Let's keep our fingers crossed for now!

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Blackberry AppWorld Released

Here is the Blackberry AppWorld:


Here is a list of the featured applications: