Funny ...

“One of my favorites was when a user asked me if they could print a black & white document in color. “

“My personal favorite was when an admin said they were running low on paper for their printer. Another admin (quite a bit older) had a wonderful solution. She took a paper and headed to the copy machine. Amazingly she "created" 100 more pieces of paper. Apparently the paper fairy supplied it.”

"Yes I knew the CD was cracked (physically) before I put it in the drive but I don't understand why it exploded inside of the drive."

“We installed dual monitors in the office - and as I was walking around helping users with the first steps one of staff members asked me: "What happened to the crosser when I move the mouse between the monitors and there is a gap between the monitors" I wasn't sure what to say trying to hold myself – all I could say is that I will get back to her. At this point I had to get away.”

I recieved an email from a user in a satellite office "The office email is down."
My reply, having checked the timestamp and from address.. "How did you just send this email?"

“I once had a phone call from somebody with a webmail account where the domain ended in .co.uk. She wanted to know how to get an international address so she could send emails to other countries.”

“a user called and said that she was frustrated. I asked her why and she said she had received a message that told her to to continue. I asked her why this frustrated her and she said she has looked for about 15 minutes on the keyboard and on the PC and has yet to find the ANY key..... need I say more?”

User: "I need my PC upgraded"
Me: your PC is one of the fastest in the company (C2D E8400, 2GB DDR2)
User: Yes but i need it upgraded to Access 2007

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