Google Wave Is Here: But I have no Friends

I am online with the Google Wave beta. It is cool, takes a bit of getting use to. But this is NOT going to replace my normal email account anytime soon - This is no Tsunami. I do however hope it does replace my email account ASAP - Especially on my iPhone!

The most major thing I don't understand about Google Wave is: How can I message people that do not have Google Wave accounts? Wouldn't this be the obvious way to get other people on board (is this merely not happening because this is a VERY early preview version)? Right now I can't so this means I can't use it for much (start playing little violin here).

My main contacts did not jump at the chance to subscribe to the Beta so I am now sitting in an ocean waiting to catch a wave.

Stay tuned for Google Wave invitation give away. I have nominated 20 of my closest digital friends for Google Wave accounts and am waiting for google to lick the stamps.

And so goes the life of a surfer.

Over and Out.

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hanum said...

I've got the invitation of Google Wave on November 25. Yay.. finally :D