My Thoughts on Bell/Rogers purchasing the Toronto Maple Leafs

ACC seating will be changed from Platinum/Gold etc. to an even split of Blue / Red and in addition to a general price increase, seat prices will probably increase while at the game for no apparent reason. If you want to switch from the Blue to Red section you’ll have to pay a cancellation fee, and may be forced to sign up for season’s tickets. Arena blackouts will become common in unplug to reset scenarios, video feeds may fail or become unresponsive (especially in bad weather), frequently hardwood will be laid for Leafs games, and there will be more commercials stating the Leafs have more or even the most players in HD than any other NHL team!?@#! If you have to leave the game early they will charge you a $100 2nd/ 3rd period cancellation fee etc. Getting tickets will be really easy over the phone or online, however you’ll never be totally sure you got the right Leafs/Raptors/TFC/Marlies or Blue Jays tickets until the bill arrives in the mail. Rogers will bait and switch Leafs tickets for Blue Jays. The CRTC will start regulating Pheneauf hits and be a major contributor to banning fighting in hockey. The Leafs will frequently stop playing, or significantly slow down to the point where you wonder if they have crashed. It will become impossible for the Raptors to beat the shot clock and should someone “catch fire”, they will be throttled. If you drink beer at the game, you will have to pay a second fee, in addition to the $11 for the beer to compensate Bell/Rogers for subsidizing your subsequent buzz. Should it be determined you were drunk when leaving the arena you would have to pay an overage fee on said service. Moreover, if a game went into overtime, you would automatically be charged an additional 35% on ticket price again, as an overage fee. Should a shootout occur, you will be charged the maximum. If you call to complain about any of this, you will need to provide the 10 digit account number clearly written on the part of the ticket that is torn off and disposed of by ACC staff when entering the venue. Moreover should you have any further problems, you will be directed to contact Rogers, who will direct you to contact Bell, who will direct you to contact Rogers, who will direct you to contact Bell, who will... Meanwhile … in Leaf Land …

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