Google / Blogger Violating My Privacy!!!!

I just did a Google search for my email address. It directed me to my blogger profile. Well I thought that was strange because I clearly have not selected the checkbox that allows Blogger/Google to share my email address.

I would really like to see what Blogger / Google has to say about this. Possibly I shouldn't be using my gmail address, possibly I should be creating a new email account just so I can blog. I already have about ten so what's another one?

Here is the proof (I guess you'll just have to trust me that the trick works):

Google Search for my email:

Blogger Profile View Clearly Shows My Email:

Blogger Privacy Setting Does Not Specify that Blogger / Google can share my email address:

I've put in a support request but still no luck!

Over and Out


Dave said...

What you don't show in your screenshot of your settings, is the field just below for IM username. You have that filled out I suspect (as your email address lists (MSN) next to it).

If it was showing what you have listed in your email settings, it wouldn't have (MSN) alongside.

If you fill the IM username, that will be shown as a contact.

Matt Stark said...

Dave is correct here. Apparently the privicay setting does not apply to IM usernames.

I have followed this post up with this one: http://mattstark.blogspot.com/2007/08/resolved-google-blogger-no-longer.html

Matt Stark said...

Resolved Issue Blog Entry Here