Two Mobile Devices / Accessories I'd like to see

1) Touch Screen LCD with Web Browser and Bluetooth

I don't really care if it's Bluetooth or some other equal technology, but I'd like to see a tiny touch screen that can pair with my mobile phone that merely includes a full web browser sort of like the iPhone. The idea would be the built in Web Browser would be able to display any content from the mobile phone or internet VIA some type of wireless connection. I could put it on my desk to run a slideshow or I could carry it in my pocket to browse the web.

2) Standalone Cellular Internet Router Device

A mobile device which connects to cellular networks (note device has no LCD Screen or Qwerty keyboard), and broadcasts that internet connection over a short range wireless connection. The purpose of this device would be merely to enable other types of wireless devices to use a shared internet connection. You could connect the above screen to this device thereby utilizing the web as an OS.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of these things so if anyone has any suggestions as to what devices I should be looking into please let me know. As of current, I do not believe these devices exist.

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Matt Stark said...

So for number two above there is a device called a Cellular Routing Modem by a company called ZyWAN (www.ZyWAN.com).

Unfortunately I was thinking of something like a cell phone that you could plug-in and charge and then just toss in your bag for a consistent WiFi connection.

For my application this ZyWAN device is the bees knees.

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