What is the best Offline JavaScript Library?

Dudes and Dudettes,

I'm writing to ask which JavaScript library is best suited to bring a web application Offline.

Here are the limitations of my question:

1) I don't want a library that objectifies my JavaScript objects (EX// I don't want to use prototype).

2) I want to use a library that is web standards compliant (EX// I don't want to use Flash, Apollo).

3) I want to use a library that is abstracted from server architecture (EX// I'd prefer to develop a 100% JavaScript interface that merely calls XML services on the server for data).

To my knowledge there are a couple options on the market and I guess I'm asking for your input:

1) Google Gears
2) Dojo Offline Toolkit
3) ???

Let me know your opinions!

Over and Out

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