Microsoft and Silverlight @ ZuneOriginals.net

OK Microsoft,

When you release a new technology and you promote it as an alternative to Flash please at least make a little attempt to actually use the technology in one of your production web sites. I can't say much of your continued use of Flash in your production web applications. It's frustrating and it's degrading to your developer base. Do you actually think that any developers will jump on board with the technology when you yourselves don't even use it?

If anyone has any insight in to why the https://zuneoriginals.net site is written in Flash please let me know. I would have thought this project was a great candidate to show off what the Silverlight technology can do with a little Zune 2 demo with HD quality streaming video etc. I guess someone at Microsoft wasn't so keen.

Is Silverlight a pipe dream? Will Microsoft even use it in their production implementations? Or is Flash just that much better? You tell me! Would you ever use it?

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Matt Stark said...

Hey Guys,

You will probably have to go through an American proxy to see the above site.

Sometimes I forget to mention that.

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