Google Chart API

This is actually pretty neat. A little known Google Service called Google Chart API went live today to the entire world.

Charts may be embedded in any web application by merely updating the src attribute within an image tag (or using an HttpWebRequest to do something funky with it).

Here are some examples:

Yellow line chart with x-axis labelled with March, April, May, June, and July and y-axis with 50Kb

Yellow line chart: easy to read as data points are spread out well along the x-axis

Line chart with unevenly spaced data points and lines in red, green and dashed blue

Check out the various charts that can be made using this nifty service here.

As an Enterprise Developer, my next question becomes, will my IT department block this service. Unfortunately, because I can't download and install the chart builder component on my server, I'd probably never use it in any big Enterprise.

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