iPod / Zune feature request: Listen to Video

Just a little feature request. I'd like to be able to play a video file as an audio file on my Zune.

For certain shows, EX// Russell Peters comedy acts - I'd like to be able to turn off my LCD screen so I can just listen to the audio.

My primary reason for wanting this is to save some juice.

Over and Out


lowellk said...

You could extract the audio on your computer before sending it to your zune. I've done this, but I can't remember what app I used for it. Perhaps it was nandub...


Matt Stark said...

Yo Yo Lowell ... dude ... do you have a blog let me know ...

I like that idea, BUT I also don't want to take the time to re-encode the data.

Also, for Zune sharing - I want to be able to store the Video on my device to share with friends. I don't want to have both versions on my device (but it prob doesn't matter with 80GB).

Having said this, I'm sure it is a VERY simple feature for Zune / iPod to implement that could save me hours of time in re-encoding data.