Zune Software No Worky on Remote Desktop Connection

I wonder how many people are like me, remoting into their home PC's from the office so they may "organize things" or "view things" or "do things" that they can't do at the office - Like try to find where that mix tape resides on their Zune because the Zune interface has no ability to search.

Well, I remoted in today and tried to do a search of my device from the Zune Software (yes you can see what has been sync'd with your Zune even if it's not plugged in). So I remoted into my home PC and opened the Zune software.

Where the software was supposed to show me a window, I saw a white hole in the screen. Is this a sign of the times? Should I be upgrading to Vista? Anyway readers, if you know why this happens, or how the heck I can fix it I'd love an answer. I'm from Canada and had to import my Zune (not for sale here) so I don't have any friends in the same situation.

Here is a screen shot (sorry, I cropped out my IP and the Remote Desktop Title Bar):

Over And Out.


lowellk said...

try vnc instead of remote destop


Andrew said...

Don't know if you care at this point, but the Zune software works fine for me over Remote Desktop.

I suspect that you had the Zune software already running when you remoted in. Since the Zune software uses 3d acceleration when run locally, it will not work when it is still open and a remote connection is opened.

Opening the Zune software AFTER the remote connection has been established correctly detects the lack of 3d acceleration and falls back to non-accelerated version.

Matt Stark said...

Nah man, this could be genius ... Didn't think of that.

I will try this and repost (my dyn dns is currently down).

Thanks for the contribution!!


jhon said...

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Cannerald said...

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