Please Sign Mayor David Millers Handgun Ban Petition

Please sign Mayor David Millers Handgun Ban Petition. You can do it online. It takes all of 2 mins. Even if you hate David Miller this is worth it. Think about your children.

Click below, then click "Sign the Petition", type in your name and address and click submit.

Facts below,




Canadian police services reported 8,105 victims of violent gun crime, ranging from assault to
robbery and homicide in 2006 – a rate of almost 1 person per hour victimized by violent
gun crime.

On average more than 1,200 Canadians are killed and over 1,000 injured with firearms
each year. The economic costs of gun deaths and injuries in Canada are estimated at $6
billion per year.

Impact on Children and Youth
  1. Firearms deaths are the third leading cause of death among young people aged 15-24.3
  2. Among 26 industrialized countries, Canada ranks fifth in the rate of firearm deaths among children under the age of 14 years.4 In 2004/2005, 49 Ontario children aged 10-14 required emergency department visits due to firearm injuries.
  3. Youth (12-17 years) accused of committing a violent offence are more likely than adults to use a firearm. In 2006, Canadian police services reported 1,287 youth accused of a firearm-related violent offence – a rate of over 3 youths per day accused of a firearm-related violent offence.
  4. The national rate of youth accused of a firearm-related violent crime increased by 32% between 2002 and 2006, with the 2006 rate being the highest point recorded since Statistics Canada began making data available in 1998.
  5. The 2006 rates of youth accused of a firearm-related violent crime in Toronto (96.2 per 100,000 youth) is well above the national average (55.5) and higher than all other Canadian Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs).

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