Microsoft Office Sluts 2007


After using Microsoft Office 2007 it is apparent to me that Microsoft has totally fucked up one of their best products.

I'm an integrator, I've been programming for a decade and there isn't much I can't figure out. The things that I don't know are things that interest me and I take the time to learn them no matter how challenging. I don't want to have to relearn things I've already learned and mastered. I especially don't want to have to relearn something that I consider a trivial part of my work day.

I don't want to have to think while typing a document: "how the fuck do I indent this paragraph" I want to select that paragraph and press tab. I don't want to have to explore a new fucken ribbon bar to figure out how to build a query in MS Access (I know that says something in it'self that I'm doing anything in MS Access).

It doesn't make sense that anyone would make an update to their application to make it so different from their previous releases. I wonder if they thought of an intermediary release? And what does it say to their customers when they force another learning curve on them?


There is no reason to be loyal to the Microsoft Office platform - they change it up on users like this - and they very well could do it again. I'd rather use Office 2003 than the plethora of other options out there - but I certainly don't want to use Office 2007.

I've written many posts on many sites that talk to this being the last successful release of Office and I've even defended Microsoft in market share arguments saying there is a lot to be said for students etc. who have used the productivity suite and are comfortable with it.

There are many dumb people out there. Many more than we think. Are these dumb people going to figure out the Ribbon? After all, what percentage of users actually recognize those icons? The ribbon is cluttered and messy.

MS should make an option to switch back to the old MS view where all my toolbars can be hidden and I can exclusively use keyboard shortcuts. I just asked my firm to uninstall 2007 and reinstall 2003. I cannot and will not put up with slowdowns caused by this new GUI.

And fark all the Microserfs who designed this. What did we learn from the Wheel again?

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