MS Office 2007 = MS Office Mac = iOffice (the complete idiot edition)

Wow ... What happened to my productivity suite.

Read this CNET Opinion.

What I find funny with that review is the difference between the editors rating and the users rating: 7.8 by the editors, and 2 out of 10 by the users. I guess someone paid someone off for a good review ;)

If I was MSFT I'd be grinding to get a version out with the classic skin! I hate this UI so much that I actually got a Google Apps account so I don't have to use it.

To be frank, the Office 2007 UI is so condescending that it actually offends me. The only reason I'm getting anything done is because I can remember the shortcuts.

MSFT should have called it Office Mac to convey how it is built for people of lower intelligence (like Mac users).

Possibly it could be called Microsoft iOffice (where the i stands for idiot and conforms to Apple's i for idiot philosophy).

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