Blackberry please fix your developer portal!

I hate it when I go to a site and there are a list of downloads like you can see on this page.

Then when I click on the link: BlackBerry Java Development Environment v4.2.1 it takes me to another page which has a drop down list and guess what the contents are? The exact same list of downloads I had to click through on the first page.

So I select the option BlackBerry Java Development Environment and it takes me to another super sweet page which is the exact same as the above page but now I have a link to download.

So I click download and that takes me to a registration form. Sweet baby J.C., Research in Motion, I've had to click through 4 pages to get to this registration form and I still don't have your toolkit.

So I decided to register so I could download the development toolkit - and I decided to use the persistent cookie in hopes that I'd never have to go through this again (clicked Remember me).

I can't share links to the next part because it's got a session variable that I don't care to share with you (my persistent cookie).

So after agreeing to the terms of use when I registerred I end up at yet another page called Software Download for Developers and have to agree to something else. OK RIM THIS IS THE 2nd TERMS OF USE CONTRACT I'VE HAD TO SIGN WITH YOU. WHY DO YOU MAKE ME DO THIS TWICE?

I click agree, and finally after 6 pages of click throughs' I have an image that says download.

But this is where it get's really messed up. You remember above I'm looking for the BlackBerry Java Development Environment - NOT WHAT I GOT - I got the JDE components package. So I will continue to download misc packages until I get the one I want.

Oh, and as I try to download the each other component, I have to go through all these steps again. CRAZY INSANE AND INSANE CRAZY.

Thanks for making this a process RIM. Good looking site, but not very functional. And you call yourself a tech company, you should be ashamed to put me through this hastle.

Over and Out

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