Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto, Black, Male Felon - Bragging Rights Competition for 2007

If you don't know, this is some sort of internet vote to determine who the most bad assed ghetto black male felon is. I think they may want to hold a flower growing festival next year to try to get back on track (no like violets or orchids or something).

This is a disgusting use of the internet.

Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto, Black, Male Felon - Bragging Rights Competition for 2007

"Competition between the lead players for this year's Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights is getting fierce. While Michael 'Turtle' Thorpe has continued to hold a comfortable lead because of his alleged slaying of slave owner heiress Jennifer Ross in the 2005 Christmas eve pursejacking that inflamed Savannah, Georgia, supporters of Lemaricus Davidson & Letalvis Cobbins, Knoxville's sexy carjackers, are pointing to the brothers' 'rap' sheets as reasons why they feel the they should be placed above Thorpe."

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Today's American Hypocrites said...

hi, it's not a contest to determine 'who the baddest assed nigga is'. it is a study of ghetto brothers who's crimes have signigicant social worth and are more social (re)actionary to poverty and circumstance than anything else. crimes of necessity.

michael thorpe's victim's family owned slaves and never paid their reparations.

maybe u need to pick flowers.

Matt Stark said...


Dude, you honestly wrote more about this than I did. I am quoting the site I’m linking so possibly you should comment on their thread so it gets more exposure. They call this exactly what I’ve said above.

I don't really appreciate you using those terms on here. But the purpose of this is to build an open forum and I'm not going to censor you.

I see murder as murder regardless. It is a crime and it is wrong. Slavery and racism are just as wrong. Possibly you should come up north to Toronto Canada and experience multiculturalism first hand.

Also, I said grow flowers not pick em, there is a big difference from a symbolic standpoint. I hope you can appreciate what I’m saying.

Thanks for the clarification, American Hypocrite.

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Today's American Hypocrites said...

Most blacks are pulling for Savannah’s ‘African American Slavery Avenger’ Michael ‘Turtle’ Thorpe.

He slew privileged Jennifer Ross in the 2005 Christmas eve botched robbery when Jennifer (snootedly) refused to yield her purse to him. Jennifer and her family’s privileges (wealth) were built from their forebearers' ownership of African American slaves. Her alleged slayer, Thorpe, is a direct ancestor of the African American Slave Trade.

More, the Rosses never paid their reparations!

Can you imagine someone with that wealth, privilege and history valuing her purse over her life when requested by (its true owner) the African American slave? She deserved to be killed by him. It was / is a good slaying that embraces classic elements of poetic justice.

Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights

Matt, your spark of intellectualism is appreciated. Thanks.