Scented Phones: The I just farted hack / Worm.

Motorola just received a patent on a handset that can produce a scent similar to how a plug in air freshener works.

This is probably going to be the most immature post I ever write but it's worth it. I mean, what else can one really say about a Scented Cellular Telephone except, I can't wait for the "I just farted hack".

There would be absolutely nothing better than to be able to deliver, with the appropriate smell and acoustics', a remote fart VIA a persons Cellular Telephone.

Fart jokes are too funny. My corporation typically uses a few during each corporate meeting, from placing whoopee cushion's under the CEO's presentation chair to a remote controlled portable wireless farting machine. Sure, they are not professional, but it's a great way to keep the blood boiling in an overly long corporate meeting "so revenue is up by 17.5% YOY, that's a (fffffaaaaaarrrrrrrrtttttttt sound) 20% (pause laughter), ahhhhhhhhh , haha. OK, revenue is up by (fffffaaaaaarrrrrrrrtttttttt sound)". You can appreciate that even people who don't find fart jokes funny, or are grossed by farting can find that a bit funny.

I'd love to be able to deliver the same sort of punch remotely using what I'm going to call "the fart hack". Whereby some sort of malicious program would be installed (I'm thinking a worm), which will cause the Motorola phone to heat up the scented oil to an undesirable temperature, creating the pheromone equivalent of a fart smell. Further, If you knew you could remotely trigger the smell, the pranks could get pretty outrageous.

Sorry about this post, but it seems like it was meant to be. Let me know what types of pranks you would pull.

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Vero said...

Haha good to see I'm not the only one juvenile enough to think of that!

Apart from silly uses, I can't really see the purpose of smellophones, or smellovision for that matter. All I want is a phone with a good, usable UI and reasonable internet browsing, not an electronic whoopee cushion! ;)