Yahoo! Finance Update

Hey Ya'll ... I just happened to notice that the Yahoo! Finance site has been updated and boy oh buoy do I like this one!

It's almost 100% AJAX which makes sense to me as this site is really a destination site for finance not a search-able knowledge base. It also has some very non-abraisive animations on the site which work really well to show / hide content.

It would be very nice to see some of the tabs other than the Home tab get a refresh. One feature I'd really like to see is more news or headlines in the Investment tab - possibly a nice little slider animation like the home page to show me more news.

Very nice work Yahoo!

New Features Include:

1) Global Market Summary
Yahoo! has added a really nice summary tab at the top of the page so we can see how the over sea's markets are performing.

2) Easy Access to My Portfolio
They have embedded a stock ticker style list with every stock that I am tracking in my portfolio - or imaginary portfolio. This should be a widget and I should be able to put this list onto any web page I like.

3) Collective Intellect
This is basically the current state of opinion on different investments. Based On postings from Yahoo!'s popular message boards, you can now see which stocks have had significant increases in bullish, bearish or neutral postings in the past 24 hours. This should all tie into Yahoo!'s social network. If I could have the opinion of all my trusted advisors show up there I'd be super happy.

4) New Market Movers Overviews
Shows information on which stocks or industries are the most active during the trading day. Further this identifies stocks that appear in the news more often than usual, most active, most price % changed, industries on the move and unusual trading volumes.

I really really like this new site. I hope we see more like this out of Yahoo! in the future. We all know their stock could use a little help!

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