Advertising playground that could potentially define the future of advertising on the net (Yahoo - Comcast = The Deal of the Year)

Another insightful article by Marc Cuban on the future of digital advertising. Basically states that the internet advertising marketplace is mature, and is being consolidated into private networks (I'm sure he wants us to think about HDNet's bright future).

This can be seen as a GREAT thing for Yahoo as they have just taken an advertising network with internet reach and pushed it into a private internet marketplace (that is to say Comcast.net is using Yahoo purely for advertising reach so they don't have to go at it alone). This isn't the first time Yahoo signed up a big media network - remember Viacom.

Possibly I'm crazy, but possibly, this is why I keep writing good things about Joost. Comcast.net is basically the same thing. But with Joost's web 2.0 sharing features and partnership with many other big networks I'd still put my money on it taking the cake (ust watch Google try to buy them).

Read the article: Yahoo - Comcast = The Deal of the Year

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