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I Joost can't say enough good stuff about Joost. I got a free beta invitation, and well, the content just keeps piling on.

"As one of the premier television production studios, the fact that Warner Bros. has chosen to create its first online channels on the Joost platform shows that we are creating a unique, communal television experience for viewers where content owners can distribute professionally-produced programming with the quality and security they need," said Yvette Alberdingk Thijm, executive vice president, content strategy and acquisition. "The program offering that Warner Bros. will showcase on Joost demonstrates the depth and breadth of our content – from classic programs to current hits, from sitcoms and dramas to sci-fi and adventure, the Joost platform offers channels and programs that have broad appeal and are in high demand." - Link

One of the big things that caught my eye is that Warner Bros. has signed an exclusivity deal with Joost. If Joost can manage to continue down this road they will do pretty well. I mean can you really argue with the guys who started Kazza and Skype?

I keep blogging about this stuff because IPTV is here to stay, it's still a fairly immature technology (meaning adoption from the network side isn't happening too quickly, and neither is critical mass developing), BUT it may represent the largest growth opportunity on the net right now(other than mobile, especially as we recognize Video Advertisement ROI).

If video ads in IPTV can target all of the niche benefits of advertising similar to magazines (Video Advertisement ROI: The Internet as a Magazine), it's possible that some of those shows you never wanted to get cancelled, won't actually get cancelled.

All that is missing is critical mass on these services. But hey, there are 30 million people in Canada that can watch lame CRTC regulated telvision. This 30 million does not even come close to touching the number of broadband internet users world wide. So from an advertising perspective, if Joost can monetize viewers viewing habits and custom tailor ads for those users it could be a gold mine ($61 billion on television advertising in 2006).

Finally, and I think that it's brilliant to be able to link to Steve Paikin's The Agenda (gotta love Canadian content). They did a nice 30 min segment on the future of television in Canada last night. It is amazing that TVO the public Canadian station who hosts The Agenda, can't put together a better panel to talk about this stuff. Either way, they talk to a lot of the real economies involved. Oh and, you'll have to scroll half way through the below video to see the future of TV talk - and it's 30 mins long.

video removed please click link - MS

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