Week In Review = Free Internet Video Sites = Internet Racism

I tried to write a couple stories this week but just don't have it in me. Felt like blogging about the continued online advertising consolidation, more about video and mobile ads. But, we're running a System Integration Test Cycle this week that has kept me busy 9am-5pm.

So here are two cool free video sites on the net (Movies + TV + Etc's):



Check them when you have time.

In other randomness, some guy commented on a quick blog entry I wrote on Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto, Black, Male Felon - Bragging Rights Competition for 2007 . I think his point is valid, but he totally misses my point. I live in Canada, and generally it's not like that up here. I'm sure if you look back at the history of many prominent Southern (US)American families you'll find ties to slavery deep in their roots - and certain unjust / unfair situations. I don't think that justifies killing the next generation of these descendants who may be in more influencial positions to turn things around.

There is a difference between being a repressed / oppressed minority citizen, and being a murderer, rapist, or car thief. They are not mutually dependent, nor exclusive – one does not lead to the other. I know many people who come from less well off areas and turned out to be as successful as their richer equivalents.

When it comes to role models I'm sure that the Chinese look up to Yao Ming, as Isreal idolizes Ilan Roman, and that the USA halo’s Tiger Woods. Is America really so blind as to the rest of the world that an isolated demographic can actually look up to homicidal rapists / murders? I think there is something wrong with that, and I just can't help think that if these people are your role models, that you will grow up to be just like them.

This is just my opinion.

Over and Out

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