Google Search Appliance Info? Try Windows Live Search!

In it's promotional video, Google boasts that over 4000 corporations around the world are using their Google Search Appliance. I really love how the first half of the presentation I'm watching is a marketing vehicle. I mean, as a developer who is sold on the technology, it only makes sense to market it to me again.

Well, I decided to try searching for infomation. Seems about right, right? Well, to my shock "the Google" isn't indexing information on it's own products very effectively.

As an IT consultant, I find myself using new technologies all the time. I usually dive in fairly late in the game when information is abundant. So why is Google hiding the sweet pictorial big picture slides from me?

Could it be that as the promo video states that 1/4 of our time is actually spent looking for information? Is it possible they want me to keep using Google web search to find information? Are there really more sponsored links I could click on?

I figured after browsing 3 pages of Google search results that I wasn't getting best results, I should try switching search engines.

After a quick Windows Live Search I found all the information I needed on the first page of search results:



I was quite shocked about this truthiness. Is it possible "the Google" is actually trying to make more money off us poor suckers who have invested in their enterprise technology? I sure hope not.

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